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What is VIP Awakened Membership?

We wanted to do something different. As we researched around and viewed other media platforms, we realized that not too many are as interactive, if any at all. So we have been working on different ways that we can provide value to our readers and loyal fanbase. Our aim is to become the biggest multimedia site and social change platform for social activists. Our mission is, “Connecting Cultures from Coast to Coast by giving them a safe haven to have their voices heard”.


Why Should I Join?

We originally started as a youth centered magazine in August 2010 under the name of Urban Centric. Our first writers all came on board by word of mouth through Facebook promotions and we are stationed all throughout the World—from Africa to the Unites States, which included the States of Michigan, Louisana, California, New York and Georgia.

In the summer of 2013, we re-branded to Sophisticated Urban Minds, but took a break shortly after from 2014 until July 2016. We needed to “find our voice”.

In July 2016, Purposely Awakened was born. The name was brought to our founder by God. It really just popped in her head one day. Since then Purposely Awakened grew rapidly to over 19,000 followers in just the span of a year!

Now we are ready to take over and continue to grow our tribe off social media!

Help us get to 10,000 Paid VIP Members by October 2019

Once we get to 10,000 subscribers we will be able to do the following, but please keep in mind that we are an independent media agency which means we do not get funding from the government or any investors. We solely depend on our loyal supporters, which also gives us total control over the content that we put it out.


Hiring of full time, salaried staff

Team work makes the dream work


More original content

Our writers have a PASSION for what they do, BUT we can’t keep doing it for free. Time is money and we NEED to live too and want to work while doing what we love while changing and impacting lives.


Curation of weekly, regular video content and podcasts

Because people are visual and video makes the hugest impact

What are the benefits of joining?

Our VIP Awakened Membership comes with exclusive benefits as an appreciation for our followers/fans in helping our mission ad vision grow. We do what we do to make a change in the community to benefit you. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:


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