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“I’m a Queen. My Black is Exquisite Beauty.”.png

Purposely Divined is for women of color to realize and live up to their ‘Queen status. Black woman are portrayed a certain way in media and on TV. We are not loud, ghetto, unmarriageble, etc. We are queens, we are CEOS, we have happy and fulfilling relationships and marriages, we are living our best life! This corner is where we can come and block out the negativity from the world. This is our MEDITATION space. Here will post exclusive videos, articles, tips, and more.

The first episode of the newest virtual talk show, Sip N' Flow is here. Join hosts and creative entrepreneurs Joye "Snappa Realeryday" Hurling and Naomi K. Bonman has they inspire the every day BOSS Babe and other individuals in business, lifestyle and wellness.

This first show features guest Tammy Martin-Ryles. Tammy gives us some inspiring and interesting wellness and vegan tips for the new year, as well as how to stay healthy on the go as a busy entrepreneur and mom.

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