Business Coach Richard Taylor Helps Entrepreneurs Turn Passion into Profit

Rich Taylor is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host and innovator. In 2014, Rich took his love of men's style and fashion and established his own brand, named after his son, Harrison Blake Apparel.

Prior to the brand launch, Rich spent a few years as an Apparel Manufacturing Supervisor at one of the highest volume producing apparel in the world, supervising the spreading and pattern cutting team. Rich has used these insights and knowledge of the apparel manufacturing to provide high quality neckties and accessories. If you're looking to start a brand or develop your idea, you're in the right place!   

His social media accounts have grown to over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone and he's developed a system that can generate multiple six figure sales year-after-year.   

Taylor began his entrepreneurial journey back in 2009 when he penned his debut novel. The book earned 5 Shades of Romance Magazine Readers Choice Awards. After releasing four more fiction novels Rich penned a guide for men seeking to transform their style and attitude. The end result was his first non-fiction release, The Life of a Gentleman. The book received high praise and many youth organizations have used it as a resource to help young men develop. Rich now hosts a weekly Podcast with the same name, The Life of a Gentleman.  

In 2016 Rich received a 100 Men of Color Honoree Award for men who have become role models for their community. Inspired by that honor he continued his literary journey and completed his latest work, The Mindset of a Gentleman. The book offers 10 success principles that motivate and inspire readers to become more productive and reach their goals.  

As a consultant and coach, Rich is excited to assist others in reaching their full potential and help them achieve whatever they put their mind to. He works with entrepreneurs who are launching their own brand and helps develop their business ideas into profitable ventures. These  techniques he do not have to be expensive as you will find, creativity and innovation are the keys to success. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, listening to various forms of Jazz, shopping for antiques and spending time with his family.  

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Taylor. Check out the interview below:  

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations?

My inspirations were my parents of course, but also historical figures like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and others. In the past few years I have become very fond of Dr. Claud Anderson and motivational speakers like Les Brown, Gary Vee and Eric Thomas.  

What influenced you to become an entrepreneur?

I was seeking some sort of financial stability. I realized that just working 9 to 5 was not going to be able to sustain my growing family. When you have children, it changes your perspective and I wanted to make sure I was a good provider and ownership seemed like the most likely path to reaching those goals. Your job isn't going to give out a $10,000 per year raise, but if you develop a business, product or service that is easily attainable.  

How did you get into the writing aspect of your entrepreneurship?

I have always been an avid reader and so the transition wasn't that difficult. I tend to be very imaginative and crafting stories was pretty simple. My fiction books did very well, so I kept cranking them out. I really enjoyed the process and the challenge, finding it to be therapeutic. So, the hobby became a paycheck and that's not a bad motivating force either.   

Can you list all the books you've written and give a brief detail about each one?

The Last Ms. Understanding - Successful business woman looking for love in a new city Check Mate - A couple moves South and gets a rude awakening in a small college town Champagne, Jellybeans & Chocolate - Homeless Man with a secret cons a woman into falling for him Dreaming of a Crayon Sun - A true thrill ride... shipping company with big secrets Truth Don't Lie - Basketball Star in a tangled web of deception The Life of a Gentleman - The guide to become a complete gentleman in today's world The Mindset of a Gentleman - 10 Success Principles to Increase Productivity  

What upcoming books are you working on that we should look forward to?

Right now I am thinking about my next book. Most likely a guide on how to start a profitable business for under $1000.  

What influenced you to become a business coach?

I have seen how starting a business has changed my life and I would love to assist others to reach their goals. I think there can be no greater feeling than assisting other people.  

Was being a business coach always your passion?

No, it actually wasn't, but I see a lot of people charging hundreds and thousands of dollars and they really have no track record. They are teaching theory and regenerated information sourced from books. I can actually show the everyday entrepreneur the real deal and how to get things done on a budget.  

How did the idea of an podcast come to fruition?

I have been a big podcast listener for years and I decided to dive into the game. Why stand on the sidelines when you can get on the field? I felt like the show could be an extension of the brand. I hope to educate and inspire others with the podcast show.  

Who helped you develop and curate your podcast?

I pretty much worked alone to craft the idea and outsourced a producer to handle the technical aspects. We all have to know our limits and I realized I could not do it all without some assistance. 

What premise and perception do you have and want your podcast to have?

I want the podcast to be an educational resource where people can learn about brands, hear their stories and feel they can replicate the success. I also highlight my own brand on the show, as the show sponsor, and give my input as a business owner. We also have style tips and business experts. Really, its a well rounded show - hoping to make guys feel like they can be the total gentleman.  

Do you any words of wisdom to offer the fellow millennial?

The biggest thing I can say is believe that it is possible. Without faith in yourself, it's over. No one will be a bigger cheerleader for you than you will be for yourself. Keep grinding. Take the bumps. Keep going

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