Poetry Corner: Voice of a Man's Pain

The pain I sustain dealing with the changed,

I try an regain better yet maintain,

The capability to adapt the inability to relax is in ways complex.

I'm stuck and perplexed,

Questions I wanna ask but become vexed with my wrath,

It's like I've been hexed,

At night I look at the ceiling asking myself what can be next,

Is it possible to beat death or is that the main jest.

In this game of chess life has already called check,

When I finally realized I'm tired and deserve the proper rest,

I find myself awakened to be subjugated and being administered a perplexing algorithm.

I can't seem to solve it,

Altruistically life seems to always get away from me,

But today is the day that I diminish this blasphemy and concorde these irregularities,

And become the king of my own dynasty

Sergio is a father, poet, writer, philosopher and cerebral analyzer from Birmingham, Alabama.