Order Healthy - New App For African Americans That Uses A Traffic Light System for Healthy Eating

A few months ago, people went on a frenzy after watching, "What The Health." The increase in vegans rose in a short period of time after that documentary aired. People started caring more about what they put in their bodies. To keep up with the health frenzy, Ben Sakhai and his brother created the app Order Healthy. The New Yorker brothers wanted a system for betting eating within the city and the restarts there with kitchens that never seem close.

"We wanted to come up with a clever way to be able to find the healthiest foods without having to do a ton of research every time you're looking at a menu,” Ben said.

Last Fall, the app launched in Chicago. It currently partners with delivery.com to rate menu items, not restaurants, in a way just about anyone can understand by using color codes: red, yellow, and green lights.The green lights simply indicate the healthiest foods on any menu that comes up. Red is the least healthy.According to new research from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania: When researchers added color-coded or numeric calorie labels to online food ordering systems, the total calories ordered was reduced by about 10 percent when compared to menus featuring no calorie information at all. The study is the first to evaluate the effect of "traffic-light" calorie labeling – where green labels signal low calorie content, yellow labels signal medium calorie content, and red labels signal high calorie content – in the increasingly common setting of ordering meals online.