Million Man Meditation

We all feel things. We all have experiences, memories, traumas and emotions. Over time, we have all been hardened. Some more than others, for various reasons. We can very easily get lost in those hard times and hard feelings when we attempt to ignore them. We can forget that they are simply moments in time, and instead internalize them, allowing them to fester into what we believe to be fundamental pieces of our identity. The result is a society of incredibly stressed individuals.

The expectation that men should not check in with their emotions despite the even heavier expectation that they must provide anything and everything to be a man is one of the leading issues fueling the epidemic most commonly known as toxic masculinity. With so much pressure and so little emotional outlet, we shouldn’t be very shocked by the high levels of aggression, depression and anxiety that the men in our society often exhibit. This is especially true for men of color, who can expect the extra weight of racially charged traumas and stressors on top of it all. With all of this in mind, Dat Yoga Dude and Feel Free 2 Feel Free present the Million Man Meditation; an event designed with our men’s mental health in mind, and the mission of providing access to relief from this pressure to any and all who seek it.

Visitors can expect a wide variety of ways to entertain and educate themselves. There will be several different workshops and presentations all sharing valuable tools for self-care such as good nutrition and exercise, meditation, communication, and more. Various vendors will have booths to help create connections with even more helpful foundations like Feel Free 2 Feel Free while also providing an opportunity to support local businesses and grow the community. Live entertainment and fun activities promise that the event will be enjoyable for anyone and everyone of any and all ages. But perhaps most importantly, we put on this event with the hopes that we can create a safe space for our men to step outside of the stigma attached to their self-care and have discussions about how to take care of their minds, bodies and souls.

Our 2nd Annual Million Man Meditation will be at Parkview Community Hospital on October 26th from 10am to 4pm. For more information, find the event on Eventbrite by searching ‘Million Man Meditation’. A direct link can be found through our founder/director on Instagram @datyogadude, where you’ll also be able to find updates on who you’ll see at the event.