Men Will Not Give You What If They Don't Get It in Return

Relationships are not a lot of, contrary to what some may say. As long as everything is 50-50, things will follow smoothly. There are a lot of women who complain about their men not doing what they "except" them to do. Yet these same women, want do anything for their man. They are takers rather than givers.

Women Carrying Masculine Energy, Making it Hard for Men to Find a Suitable Wife

So, because a lot of women carry masculine energy, in other words a lot of women the bodies of women but they have the energies of men, a lot of men who want women can't find women to marry.

'Female'...The Reason Why That Word Irritates Us As Women

Is the word “female” toxic or nah? For many women, especially women of color, the word female sometimes just comes off as derogatory. Most men are probably like, “Really? What’s wrong with the word female? I use it all the time and I don’t use it in an offensive way.”