Behind the Scenes: Janet Jackson ‘Unbreakable’ Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Janet Jackson ‘Unbreakable’ Photoshoot

The anticipation of Janet Jackson’s upcoming album ‘Unbreakable’ is at an all time high right now. From pre-ordering the album and purchasing concert tickets to the tour a couple of months ago, I ‘m feeling like I’m about to celebrate a big birthday!

Miss Jackson has been spoon feeding us hint after hint as patiently await the release of her newest album that has been log overdue! Last night she gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the album cover shoot via her Facebook page. In the video, Jackson is being styled by several people on a set.

Dressed in ripped jeans, a vest over a long-sleeved shirt, long necklaces and numerous bangles, the 49-year-old actress/singer strikes several poses as photographer YuTsai snaps away.

In a voiceover, wardrobe designer Kim Bowen describes the look that the 49-year-old will adopt for the video and related “Unbreakable World Tour.” Bowen said she and other were planning “a whole conglomeration of different looks” for Jackson, including rock ‘n’ roll, ethnic, sexy, funky, “punky,” tribal and organic.

Jackson is known for adopting new styles at various stages of her career. The “Rhythm Nation” singer released the single “No Sleeep [sic]” in June. The song was her first new track in six years. The “Unbreakable World Tour” kicked off on Monday, August 31 in Vancouver.

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