Exclusive Interview: Aeiramique Glass Blake, Chats on 2020 51st Congressional District Election

Exclusive Interview: Aeiramique Glass Blake, Chats on 2020 51st Congressional District Election

On January 17, restorative justice consultant and community advocate Aeiramique Glass Blake (Dem.), announced her 2020 candidacy for United States Congress (CA-51). The day of her announcement also came on her mother's 51st birthday.

The announcement date and Blake’s decision to challenge the four-time incumbent, Rep. Juan Vargas, in the Democratic primary are no coincidence. It was Blake’s mother who encouraged her to run for Congress, she was just waiting for the right time.

“I’m running for Congress because for too long, our community hasn’t had a seat at the table and a stake in decisions made about our livelihoods. For too long, equity and justice have taken a backseat to the powerful special interests, I’m running to change that.” 

The 31-year-old loved problem-solving and providing solutions to issues as she was coming up in age. In addition to her political advocacy she works as a motivational speaker and mental-health counselor. She supports women’s reproductive rights, restorative justice and police reform in order to “disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.

I recently interviewed this dynamic young woman where she chatted more on her inspirations in running for a seat in Congress. Before listening to the interview, check out a short introductory video to get to know Ms. Glass Blake a little more.

Listen to my exclusive interview with the candidate below:

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